Complete Race Solutions was founded by a group of local Staten Island runners, with over 30 years of combined race management and timing experience. CRS was formed to continue the work started by King of the Mountain Events, which focused on trail and obstacle races.



Complete Race Solutions (CRS) consists of race management professionals that are here to provide services for all of your racing requirements. We can support all aspects of your race event using our state-of-the-art timing services – Race Result Timing System. In addition, we provide online registration, assistance with packet pickup, race-day registration, course design and setup, permit, insurance, entertainment and so much more!


Trail Triple Crown

Complete Race Solutions completed the first Triple Crown Trail Series on Staten Island in April. The three races took place over the first four months of the year to provide motivation to runners that want to stay in shape throughout the colder months and be ready for spring racing as well as enjoying some of the scenic trails available in Staten Island.

The races of the Trial Triple Crown are:

Resolution Run 4 Miler – Bloomingdale Park – January
Valentine’s 5K – Conference House Park – Feburary
Wolfe’s Run 10K – Wolfe’s Pond Park – April


Upcoming Events

CRS will be holding a Last Man Standing type event in 2018. In the event each participant will have 1 hour to complete a 5K course. At the start of the next hour participants will go out again with the same time limit. This will continue every hour until 48 hours has passed or there is only 1 participant able to complete the course in 1 hour.

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